The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 10

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Karl and Corey wax poetic about the aspects of embedded electronic engineering that can can worsen your mood and waste your time.

Not much in show notes for this episode. A lot of grumblings, but no real linkable articles. I did though want to point out a couple of things that were said in the episode.

Mouser is releasing a new vendor version of MultiSim

Nothing beats an actual piece of hardware for testing

Things like Schmart Boards can help bridge the gap between SMT parts and breadboards.

There are a lot of opinions regarding PCB stackup

I was goint to add a link, but just google “the best pcb stackup” and you will see what I mean. You can really worry yourself sick about it.

Pretty PCBs are pretty

The software that can be used to make artful PCBS is called PCBmodE from Boldport. Check it out. I quite like it.