The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 18

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Show Synopsis

Corey and Karl talk about the popular Serial Communications - Uart, SPI, I2C, and CAN.

Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter - Uart

Obligatory Wikipedia article:

Uart is not the same as RS232. Here is a good tutorial from Sparkfun.

Serial Peripheral Interface Bus - SPI

Obligatory Wikipedia article:

Sparkfun has a bunch of good tutorials. Here is their SPI one:

Microchip overview of SPI:

Inter-Integrated Circuit - I2C

Obligatory Wikipedia article:

Official Specification from NXP:

Can’t beat whole websites dedicated to I2C:

There are a ton of I2C tutorials. Here is one from Sparkfun:

Here is a comparison of I2C vs. SPI:

Local Interconnect Network - LIN

I know we didn’t really talk about LIN, but I wanted to add some info here anyway.

Obligatory Wikipedia article:

Really nice overview of LIN Bus:

Nice, detailed app note from STMicro:

Controller Area Network - CAN-Bus

Obligatory Wikipedia article:

Really nice overview of CAN Bus:

Here is the book I mentioned on the podcast:

Looks like he came out with a book with Arduino Implementations. I wouldn’t mind getting it, I have the same CAN-Bus shield.

Good app note comparing a wide range of different bus communication schemes.