The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 24

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Show Synopsis

Karl and Corey talk about their personal goals for 2015, the future of the podcast, and discuss a few topics on reverse engineering.

KiCad PCB CAD Software

Here is where I would go to learn about KiCad:

Chris Gammel talks about releasing the KiCad Contextual Electronic Videos for free:

Here is a video of the new Push and Shove feature added by Cern:

Reverse Engineering Old Electronics

Just some notes on the re-use or re-purposing of your old unwanted electronics.

Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering

Andrew “bunnie” Huang and No Starch Press released a free ebook version of “Hacking the Xbox” in honour of Aaron Swartz.

Good on both of them. Get it here:

Also, bunnie’s blog is always a great source for interesting articles, tutorials, etc..

Check it out here:

Hacking the Cable Modem

DerEngel got into some serious trouble over this book.
It is an impressive account of some quality reverse engineering.
The pdf is still available to be purchased, or alternatively found somewhere on the interwebs.

Link to buy the pdf:

And here is an interview with DerEngel discussing the book:
DerEngel even mentions bunnie’s book in his interview.

Here he is getting into trouble with the FEDs:

Just a cool re-use of an old Kindle:

This is just one example of re-purposing old electronics.
I point this one out just because I like E-Ink dsiplays.

Turning an old Kindle into a Weather Station:

New York E-Waste Law

Whatever you do; don’t throw out your old electronics in New York.
Now you get fined $100 if they catch you: