The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 30

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Show Synopsis

Karl and Corey discuss various ways to switch on power to circuits.

There are a ton of app notes describing how to use mosfets as switches.
I liked this one though. Nice and concise.

Also, check out youtube for tons of videos about mosfets as switches.

I actually liked this video, but the audio is terrible.

The better place to check out for some great info is our previous guest @baldengineer’s addohms video. The quality of his videos are refreshing. Especially if you compare it to the previous video I listed.

James touches on some important topics we didn’t get into. He even supplies a great worksheet to make sure you are making a good design. He talks about it in the video, but here is the direct link.

I plan on adding some more show notes. I have to go back and listen to the episode again though. I procratinated so long, I forgot what I said… ha -Karl