The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 31

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Show Synopsis

Karl and Corey talk about different displays you can use in embedded systems.

Using LED blink rates to signify errors and Messages

Karl thinks this is stupid:

Look at these posts! I’ll solve your problem. How about give your users something better than a blinking led? Also, I checked it out there is a MIL Spec for blink rates. ha!

RGB LED Matrix Panels

I like these. Mostly because I am a fan of pixel art. The price of these makes them cost prohibitive to actually use as a display in my projects though.

I’m pretty sure these simpler ones are the ones Corey was actually talking about though.

The glory of 7 Segment Displays

Now these are cool! I want to use the blue ones ASAP. No joke.

Character Displays

Not all Character LCDs need a negative voltage for their contrast control. For the ones that do, this web post from Newhaven Displays might help.

Sparkfun sells some serial enabled Character LCD displays. If you look at the pictures for this one you can clearly see the add-on board taking care of the parallel to serial conversion.

You can also take your chances with these increbibly cheap Serial LCD converters on ebay. I have not used them personally though.

TFT LCDs and Whatnot

I could add links to each different type, but Adafruit sells all of them. So, I’ll just link their product category.

The Displays Karl has bought and used

Nokia 5110 Display he used for the Bot Badge.

The version Sparkfun sells.

The Graphic LCD breakout board Karl purchased from Sparkfun. Notice it is now in their Retired section. Sigh.

The Graphic LCD with integrated touchscreen Karl used on his Dummy Load. Notice it is also retired. There is an updated version, but the LCD driver is incompatible. Noticing a trend here…