The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 33

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Show Synopsis

Karl and Corey explore the analog world a bit by discussing Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters.

Part of the Podcast

Karl’s Part of the Podcast:

Supertex HV5623: Just for the curious; The traditional Nixie tube driver chips:

Corey’s Part:

Texas Instrument’s INA226:


Here is what you should read regarding ADCs:

Ti also put out a really nice pocket reference book, but it is behind sign-in wall. Lame!:

Types of ADCs

Good document explaining the different types of ADCs:

Help choosing the correct type of ADC:


Understanding ADCs app-note from Maxim:

I like this app note just for it’s picture. It shows ADCs as what they are, a big bank of little capacitors:

Types of ADC Inputs

This 2 page pdf does a much better job then me expalining ADC Input types. I have now bookmarked it. You should too:

ADC Errors

Here is an excellent ADC from Atmel. Read this one first:

This is not the same as TI’s pocket guide, but just as good as it relates to ADC errors:

Another good PDF on ADC errors. Simple pictures explaining INL and DNL:

Here is the ADC that I was comparing against the Atmega328p’s ADC:

Driving ADCs

I believe this all from the same handbook from Analog, but it is really well written so I link it in again; Using Opamps with ADCs:

This is a great companion to the Analog Devices handbook. It is a huge collection of ADC driver circuits and explanations of why you would use each different type:

Grounding ADCs

Just one man’s opinion on splitting ADC’s ground planes:

A good collection of the thoughts of the internet concerning ADC grounding:


Here is the only thing you need to read regarding DACs. Good stuff: