The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 40

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Karl and Corey are back! Join them as they talk about design choices and gotchas involving connectors.

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LM7705 - Low Noise Negative Bias Generator

Also, here is a short desciption of the “pulse skipping” of DC/DC converters that I was talking about:

Connectorless Boards?

Here is the one device I could think of. Can you think of any?

Connector Life Cycles

This link has some nice pictures of worn out connectors.
Also, it has some simple definitions of common connector wear problems.

Affixing Connectors to PCBs

Good question and answer regarding affixing parts to PCBs from stackexchange:

Connector Contact Plating

The proper term to use when talking about tin connector corrosion issues is “fretting corrosion”. Here is an old app note from AMP (now TE) talking about it:

And the obligiatory wikipedia article:

One man’s opinion on mixed metal contacts:

IDC & Cables

In case you don’t feel like googling it, here is the wiki:

.1 Inch Headers

Sparkfun’s quest to find a better footprint fot .1 inch headers:

Hermaphroditic Connectors

These are the “genderless” connectors that I was talking about. You gotta watch the youtube video for these. It is hands down the most ridiculous sales video about connectors that I have ever watched. Honestly better than the newer Star Wars films.

Through-Hole Connectors and SI

On page 17 of this app note it shows some nice pictures of how to route high speed signals when using through-hole connectors: