The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 42

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Karl and Corey finishing talking with Chris Gammell about and selecting the right op-amp for a given application.

Part of the Podcast

LTC6904 - 1kHz - 68MHz Serial Port Programmable Oscillator

Micrcohip 24AA025E48 - Mac Address EEPROM

Convincing Chris to do my work for me

I tried getting Chris to pick my opamps for me.
He wouldn’t do it though.
He did give out some good advice for how to better use to find my parts faster.

Parts we mentioned

I brought up the OPA277 Opamp as an example of part that is fully specified over multiple ranges.

Chris mentioned the LM662 as an example of an Opamp with extremely low input bias current (2fA Banner Spec, 2pA MAx Spec)

Chopper Stabilized Opamps

I ranted a bit about Chopper Stabilized Opamps.
I am going to refer again to Analog Opamp Notes to explain it better.

Other random tidbits we mentioned

Chris mention SnapEDA as a service that tries to make getting PCB footprints easier.

Chris also mentioned Zuken PCB as a cool program that was under his radar. is hiring an FAE / IAE

Send Chris an email if you are interested in working as a FAE for
He can be reached at:

Other Things Chris does

Chris is busy working on, but he still finds time to do other things. Here is a small list: