The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 5

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Show Synopsis

Corey inquires about Karl’s hobby, CNC Machining. Karl discusses his CNC Router and the decision that went into it.

A really good overview of hobby machining

Guerilla Guide to CNC Machining:

Bridgeport Mills and Machining History

A little bit of history of Machining in America:

Modern Bridgeport Machines:

A look at End Mills

Intro to Cutting tools:

CNC Router vs. CNC Mill

An example of a router that uses rubber belts

Karl’s CNC Router

Early Picture of my CNC Router :
Current Status of my CNC Router:

Main Body of the Router:

Aluminum Nema23 Mounts:

800W Spindle:

My exact Spindle being tested:

115 Volt Single Phase VFD:

80/20 Style Aluminum Extrusions

Where the name comes from:

Open Beam Extrusions’ Main website:

Initial KickStarter:

Kossel Style 3d Printer:

Stepper Motors

Overview of Bi-polar and Uni-polar:

Bi-polar vs. Uni-polar:


Overview of Microstepping:

Myths and Realities:

Kickstarter Backed CNC Routers


Nomad CNC Router:

Stepper Motor Driver Controllers

TinyG Stepper Motor Controller:


CNC CAM Software



Heeks CNC:



CNC CAD Software

Free, commercial 2.5D CAD: