The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 6

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Show Synopsis

Corey and Karl explain the different ways to implement USB connectivity on an embedded device.

USB Connectors

Just some nice pictures and explanations of the myriad of USB connectors:

USB Connector Specifications

USB connector specifications from 2007.
Used by connector manufacturers to determine if their connectors are compliant.

USB Power Draw

A couple of links showing that providing the correct current at 5 volts isn’t that easy.

USB Device to Host Power Coupling Issues

Some links discussing the challenges and solutions to USB isolation.

USB Hardware and PCB Layout Recommendations

Now that everyone is making chips with integrated USB; Everyone has an opinion on how you should connect it.

FTDI USB to Serial Devices

Serial Terminal Applications

I like this Windows serial terminal called Br@y. All I ever hear of people using is Putty though:




Serial Tools:


The screen program is a really useful one.
Good Ole Command Line:

Embedded USB Stacks

Microchip’s official USB stack (while pre-Harmony version anyway):

Alternative USB stack for Microchip:
I have used M-Stack, and I like it.

Community Developed Microchip USB Stack:

Texas Instruments Tiva Series USB Stack Documentation.
Nice and clear with plenty of example code:

Great resource explaining USB

USB in a nutshell deserves a special mention.

USB Peripheral Controllers and Phys

Maxim’s USB to SPI Peripheral Controller:
Texas Instruments USB to ULPI Transceiver: