The Spark Gap Podcast - Episode 7

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Show Synopsis

Corey and Karl welcome their first guest Rodney McGee to talk about his research in Vehicle to Grid technology.

University of Delaware’s V2G Program

Note this site is a bit outdated but still has a bunch of good information. There are some impressively old pictures of students and staff.

UD’s V2G Research Videos on YouTube

Overview of the UD’s V2G program featuring Rodney McGee among other researchers:

Discovery Channel spot about UD’s V2G program in 2009:

UD promotional video discussing the partnership with PJM power.

Video from AutoPort Inc who installed the V2G components into a Scion xB for the University of Delaware.

News Articles specifically about the business side of V2G

Article talking about UD’s V2G signing a commercial agreement with NRG

Article talking about NRG Energy Inc. selling power from UD’s program to the Grid:

Additional News Articles about UD’s V2G

Here are a couple more articles about the V2G. You can find many more by googling.

Electric Vehicles as Grid Support

Informational piece on the various techniques currently used to store energy for the grid.

Excellent PDF from Australia giving an overview of how V2G would help the grid.

An in depth White Paper PDF from MIT giving a detailed explanation of Electric Grid Energy Storage techniques.

Different Communication Protocols discussed:

TTL Level Serial Overview

RS422 Overview

RS485 Overview

RS232, RS422 and RS485 Overview, Comparison, and Implementation

Comparison of all 3 Serial Communication Standards

Good App note from TI about RS422 and RS485


CAN Bus Tutorials:

A good and cheap book about CAN Bus. The book repeats itself a bit, but has all the essential information clearly laid out.


Overview of LIN Bus:

4-20 Milliamp Current Loops

Overview of 4-20mA Current Loops: